Performance based

Pay-Per-Click Management

No upfront costs. Only pay on results.

If you don’t see at least 25% more leads and 10% lower costs… we work for FREE.

Law firms love us. Competitors hate us. After all, agencies want to get paid up front, right? Not us. We love accountability, and it’s on us to prove our value to you, first. Challenge accepted.

What You Get

Precision Campaign Strategy

PPC strategies that capitalize on the highest-leverage opportunities for law firms.

Profitable Keyword Management

Extensively researched and analyzed profitable keywords for law firm PPC campaigns.

High Click-Through Ad Copy

Ad copy that favorably positions your legal services, and compels people to click.

High-Converting Landing Pages

Beautiful, mobile responsive landing pages that generate more calls and leads.

Active Campaign Management

Daily PPC campaign and conversion optimization, and performance bidding.

Complete Conversion Tracking

Call tracking, campaign ROI, plus 18 more essential data-driven PPC analytics.

Conversion Optimization

Continual fine-tuning and optimization of your PPC campaigns top-to-bottom.

Transparent Reporting

Constant communication, calls any time, and clear reports on performance.

Unique Subscription Pricing

Starts at $1500 /month

Instead of pricing that fluctuates with your ad spend (plus add-on setup fees, landing page fees, call tracking fees, consulting fees, etc.), we offer a simple monthly subscription that includes everything you need for profitable PPC marketing.

You get our entire team — ad specialists, conversion experts, data analysts, copywriters, graphic designers and web developers — for one, flat monthly rate.

Flat Rate Subscription

Your pricing is predictable with zero "percentage of ad spend" fee fluctuations.

No Setup or Software Fees

There are zero up-front costs for account, campaign, and conversion tracking setup.

No Long-term Contracts

We work month-to-month. You're always free to leave, but you'll never want to.

No Design or Consulting Fees

There are no fees for landing page development, or strategy calls. It's all included.

Our unique subscription service eliminates costs, delays, and headaches so you can focus on what you do best - practicing law and winning cases for clients.

Pay-For-Performance Guarantee

25% more leads and 10% lower costs… or we work for FREE.

It's simple. If we can’t generate 25% more leads at 10% lower cost within 60 days, we’ll part as friends, and you won’t pay a dime.

After we convert more leads while reducing your costs, your monthly subscription rate activates and is retroactive to the day we started. It doesn’t matter if it takes us 7 days or 60 days, your subscription payments aren’t due until we've proved our value.

This may seem too good to be true, but here’s why it's not.

Our team is highly skilled in digital marketing, and we only bring on clients that we know we can help. If we can improve your PPC performance, we’ll bring you on as a valued client and start a long-term relationship.

Not everyone qualifies, contact us or get your PPC Performance Evaluation to see if we’re a good fit.

Boost your revenue and profits today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to get started?

We start qualified clients with a PPC Performance Evaluation of their PPC campaigns. This alone is worth the price of admission... which is FREE! No need to feel the least bit guilty about paying NOTHING up front... because we'll get paid after you get 25% more leads at 10% lower costs!

How do subscription payments work?

Your subscription payment date is the day you accept the Master Subscription Agreement and provide a payment method. So if that day is on the 12th, your billing date is the 12th day of each month thereafter. You provide your billing information once, then payments are automatically processed each month. Subscription payments start only after we’ve met the Pay-For-Performance Guarantee.

Can I make special requests?

Of course! Your subscription includes, with rare exception, any request related to your PPC campaigns. Some requests may affect your subscription price, but we’re happy to discuss and implement anything that will profitably grow your law firm with our PPC services.

Can I talk to someone on the phone?

Absolutely! Call us any time, about any thing. Really. Calls are included in your subscription. We’re more than happy to jump on the phone / Skype / GoToMeeting to discuss strategy, account structure, analytics, or whatever you'd like.

What reporting do you offer?

We provide weekly status and monthly performance reports on 20 pay-per-click metrics along with optimization updates, and monthly review / strategy calls.

Can I make changes to my PPC campaigns?

Not a good idea if you want us to accurately track and profitably improve the performance of your PPC campaigns. We simply can’t guarantee any level of performance when anyone outside our team is making changes. If you’d like something changed though - just let us know.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime - your subscription is month to month. Just let us know 5 or more business days before your payment date so we can cancel your payment, and we’ll finish all the work we planned to do in that month.

What happens to my current PPC campaigns?

Your poor-performing campaigns, ad groups, and ads will be paused, but available for review and optimization in the future. While your under-performing campaigns will be optimized. And any solid-performing campaigns will remain active along side the new ones we build.

Why is call tracking included?

In short, what gets measured gets improved. You want more phone calls? Then you need to track the number of calls your PPC campaigns generate, and which ads and keywords are making the phone ring.

Boost your revenue and profits today.

Evaluate My PPC Performance
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