PPC marketing is not an investment...

It’s a solid revenue driver and profit multiplier.

When it's executed correctly.

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Pay-Per-Click Management proven to generate more revenue and profits for law firms.

Precision Campaign Strategy

PPC Performance Analysis
Audience and Market Intelligence
Competitor Intelligence
Clearly Defined Performance Goals
Precise Key Performance Metrics
New Campaign Development

Profitable Keyword Management

Strategic Keyword Match Types
Bankable Keyword Research/List
Negative Keywords Research/List
Keyword Ad Group Optimization
Search Term Analysis
Keyword Expansion
Negative Keywords Expansion
Keyword Match Type Expansion

High Click-Through Ad Copy

Device Specific Ads
Brilliant Ad Copywriting
Keyword and Benefit Driven Ads
Clear Calls-To-Action
Ad Extensions
Keyword Ad Group Relevance

High-Converting Landing Pages

Custom Landing Pages
Mobile Responsive Pages
Conversion Copywriting
1:1 Ad Message Match
One-Decision Messaging
Fast Loading Pages

Active Campaign Management

Average Ad Position Bidding
Keyword Performance Bidding
Ad Group Performance Bidding
Daily Budget Management
Ad Campaign Expansion
Improve Keyword CTRs
Increase Keyword Conversions
Improve Ad CTRs
Increase Ad Conversions
Increase Landing Page Conversions

Complete Conversion Tracking

Analytics Code Installation
Quality Score Tracking
Keyword Level Call Tracking
Campaign Conversion Tracking
Custom Google Analytics Dashboard
Historical Performance Audits

Conversion Optimization

Ad Position Testing
Ad Copy A/B Testing
Landing Page A/B Testing
Ad / Landing Page Combo Testing
Keyword Ad Group Refinements
Retargeting Ad Campaigns
Network Campaign Duplication

Transparent Reporting

Custom Monthly Reporting
Weekly Stats Reporting
Optimization Updates
Monthly Review and Strategy Calls

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3 reasons PPC campaigns fail:

When managed correctly, pay-per-click can be very profitable. However, when managed incorrectly, PPC advertising can drain your budget dry fast, and leave you with nothing to show for it.

87% of all PPC campaigns struggle to overcome these challenges.

Ready to multiply your PPC profits?

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We manage every aspect of PPC for law firms.

From set up, to maintenance, to optimizing PPC campaigns for maximum profit - we'll handle everything.

There’s nothing more satisfying to us than seeing our clients’ revenue and profits grow. It’s painful to see law firm’s struggle with unprofitable PPC management that wastes money and cripples growth.

Our clients work with us because they demand a steady stream of clients to come from their PPC campaigns. Something our clients know, we’ll deliver every single month.

A few of the law firms we work with.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing has only one purpose - to grow your firm by making you money.

If it doesn't do that... it's not working right. We fix that.

How well does your PPC drive revenue and multiply profits?

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