Free PPC Performance Evaluation

For law firms spending $3k-$30k /month on AdWords.

Do you suspect you're losing thousands - even tens of thousands of dollars - in PPC campaign revenue and profits? But you really can’t tell where or why?

We can tell you exactly what's going on with your PPC campaigns quickly and accurately.

Best of all, you won't have to lift a finger in the process. And what we learn together will have a big impact on the direction and actions we suggest to dramatically boost your PPC revenue and profits.

10 Key Areas we evaluate PPC performance:

eval-wasted-spend   Wasted Spend

Are you wasting hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month on irrelevant keywords that never convert?

metrics-quality-score   Quality Score

Are your Quality Scores helping or hurting your ad rankings and costs-per-click?

metrics-CPL   Impression Share

How often are your ads being shown for the total relevant search queries they could be?

metrics-CPL   Click-Through Rate

How targeted and relevant are your ads? Are you losing ground to competing firms due to low clicks?

metrics-CPL   Account Activity

How often do you spend time in your accounts optimizing PPC ad performance?

eval-keyword-optimization   Keyword Optimization

Are you expanding and refining your campaigns with high-intent, more targeted keywords?

eval-adcopy-optimization   Ad Copy Optimization

Are your ads keyword-optimized, and generating enough impressions, clicks, CTRs and ad rankings?

eval-landing-page-optimization   Landing Page Optimization

How relevant and effective are your landing pages? Are they helping, or hurting, your conversion rates?

eval-mobile-optimization   Mobile Advertising

Do you have mobile-optimized text ads with call extensions and sitelinks?

eval-best-practices   PPC Best Practices

Are you really following proven best practices in your PPC campaigns? Or do you only think you are?

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More revenue and profit starts with knowing what to improve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really free?

Yes. Your PPC Performance Evaluation is 100% free of charge.

What happens next?

After requesting your Free PPC Performance Evaluation, we’ll email instructions on how to provide us with access to your AdWords (and/or Bing) account. Then we’ll jump on a quick call to confirm we’re all set, and to answer any questions before we get started.

How do you access my Adwords account?

We use Google (and Bing) Manager Accounts to link your account to ours. In short, you provide us with your AdWords Customer ID number (or Bing Ads account number). We then send you a request to manage your account. You accept the request, and we get access to your account. It’s that easy.

Can I still login to my Adwords account?

Yes. You can login to your account at any time to view or edit your account and ad campaigns.

Will you make changes to my ad campaigns?

No. We will never make changes to your account or ad campaigns without prior permission and an agreement in place. We are only doing a thorough evaluation of how well your PPC ad campaigns are performing.

Can you see my credit card information?

No. We never have access to any of your billing details, including your credit card information.

After you're done will you still have access to my Adwords account?

No. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will unlink your account from our Manager Account after your PPC Performance Review and Strategy Call. You can also remove our access anytime in your Adwords account settings.

Is my Adwords account data safe?

Yes. We only use access to your account to analyze the performance of your ad campaigns. We will never share your Google AdWords / Bing Ads data for any reason (see our Privacy Policy). By requesting this evaluation, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Free PPC Performance Evaluation

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